About Bhum Counters

Bhum Counters are small “clips” which are used between the beads on your mala to count large amounts of mantras. Sometimes called “million marker” counters, these clips can be used for tracking tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and millions of mantras. Starting at the Guru Bead and working in one direction move the Bhum Counter one bead for every ten thousand mantras. When the Bhum Counter has moved all the way around the Mala you have accomplised over one million mantras.

Traditional Mala Counters can count up to ten thousand. After this is accomplished you can use a Bhum Counter to track and keep count of each set of ten thousand. Each time you accomplish ten thousand mantras you can move the Bhum Counter one more bead.

Additionally you can pair-up Bhum Counters for tracking and counting millions of mantras. This is done buy using one Bhum Counter for marking ten thousand and another for marking one million mantras. I use two Bhum Counters of the same style but different sizes. The larger on is for ten thousand and the smaller one trans a million.