Mala Restring

This is the most common custom request made for me. I do quite a number of mala restrings every year. I mostly only use nylon braided cored for lacing up a mala. This is because of it's strength, durability, color options, and size options. However, if it is possible to use leather or a natural fiber, I will. There is extra cost added to that for the research and purchase of the specific material.

The first thing I will do is have you send me images of your mala. I will need a few closeups of the holes in the beads, the beads, and the string currently being used that will be replaced. I will also need to know the bead size of your mala. If I think I can do it we can then discuss cord color and the option of using a sliding knot. We then can discuss shipping cost and the cost of the actual restring.

If both of us feel good about the work to be done, we can finalize the cost. At that point I take payment up front for the work. I can send you an invoice or we can do PayPal. Once you ship your Mala to me you can send me the tracking number. At that point I will let you know when I start the work and keep you posted along the way.

My general cost for a mala restring with cord I have on hand is $35.00 USD. All shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. As is any costs related to a custom string outside of the large stock I have on hand.

If you are interested in a mala restring, email me at and put "Custom Mala Restring" in the subject title.