Over the past few years I have been asked to do custom work on malas and mala counters. In most cases I am asked if I am willing and able to restring people Malas. On other occasions I have been requested to build custom malas for people out of a certain material I have researched and ordered, and then built. On the more rare of situations I have been asked to do mala resotration.

All three of these styles of requests are very dear to peoples hearts. And there is some concern overall with shipping sacred objects whether they were given by a parents, a fellow dharma sangha member, or from your teacher directly to you. To this end I take each request with the sincerity and care as if I was shiping my own mala out for restoration or restringing.

Each request is accepted based on whether I believe I can do the work or not. In most cases I can do the work needed or desired. However, please know I do not take every request made made to me. Each restoration, restring, or build is accpted only after a custom requested is made, we discuss what is needed, the time, and the cost. After that point I can decide if I will take the request.

If you are interested in a mala restoration, a mala restring, or a mala build, please visit the appropreiate page which has the related outlined information. My contact information is posted there and you can reach out to me directly. Final cost is determined based per job as this is custom work. Additionally, the cost of shipping in both directions is the responsibility of the customer.

Thank you for considering me to do this most precious and sacred work for you.