Mala Restoration

Contemporary and antique mala restoration is also a service I provide. In the past few years I have been asked to work on malas that were given to practitioners by family members, friends, or by their Vajra Masters and other monastics. I take very special care with these types of custom jobs. I know the special meaning connected to these sacred objects. I do the work as if these were my own personal malas.

The first thing I will ask is for you to send me images of your mala. Please add closeups of the beads, the guru bead, any special beads, and pics of the bead holes. I will also ask for a short write-up of what you want accomplished. Please explain if there is any damage to fix, areas of restoration, and beads that need to be replaced. Once I receive the images and the summery, I will reach out to you for a consultation. This will allow us to talk and communicate with more clarity about the restoration.

I have restored many people's modern and antique malas. As a life long artist and craftsperson, I have decades of skills which I have transferred into mala restoration. I take great care with the mala you have entrusted to me.

Custom restoration requests do not come up as often as mala builds or restrings. I take restoration requests on a per customer and per mala basis. If I do not believe I will be able to do the work, I will let you know. Please be aware I do not take every restoration requested of me. However, if I believe I can do the work, we can move forward. 

Each restoration request cost will be different as each job is a custom job. It will depend of what the restoration will require me to do. Will I need to fix broken beads, find replacements, or drill and re-drill bead holes? Is it an antique or more contemporary mala? Do you need or want upgraded decorations or extra spacer beads? How much time will it take? All these are taken into considerations as I determine the cost. 

If both of us feel good about the work to be done, we can finalize the cost. At that point I take payment up front for the work. I can send you an invoice or we can do PayPal. Once you ship your Mala to me you can then send me the tracking number. I will let you know as soon as the mala arrives.I will also let inform you whenI get started and will keep you posted along the way.

If you are interested in a mala restoration, email me at [email protected] and put "Custom Mala Restoration" in the subject title.