About Other Objects

On occasion I also offer related sacred objects to help support the practice of Buddhism. This includes more rare and hard to find Mala Counters, Bhum Counters, and custom made malas. Additionally, I also make available shrine objects like the Eigth Royal Treasures and the Eigth Auspisious symbols, individual high quality Dharma Wheels statues, and other items to support you altar or shrine.

On occasion I also offer antique Buddhist objects as they come available and I can pass them on to my customers.

At least once or twice a year I make a pilgrmiage to Tibet, Nepal, or to the Shaolin Temple in China. This has been the case starting in 2015 excluding the past two years of the pandenic. On these traveles I have picked up very special items directly from the Dzogchen Monastery in Eastern Tibet, from the Barkor area at the heart of Lhasa, Tibet, and from vendors and dealers around both Boudhanath and Swayambhunath Stupa temples in Kathmandu city in Nepal.

These special items are such a pleasure to find and an honor to offer here at Mala Counters. These sacred items can usualy be found in the "Special Items" page under the "Shop" menu. Thanks for your consideration.