Buddhism, along with many other religious ot scraed traditions use prayer beads as a form of practice. Depending on your Buddhist lineage, tracking and counting exact number of mantras may or may not be so important or even required. Each vehicle of Buddhism, along with cultural overtones and preference of the Lineage Holder or Vajra Master, share what is suggested within their system. It is important to follow the guidelines of the teacher within the lineage of Buddhism you are following.

Most Vajrayana Buddhist Lineages requires that a student follow his or her lineage’s traditional instructions to the letter. This includes performing definite and exact numbers of various activities, including chanting the prescribed numbers of mantras. Mala Counters, Bhum Counters, and Malas all help to support and track this committed devotional practice.

In the drop down menu you will find pages with specifc information about Mala Counters, Bhum Counters, and Malas. Posted will be some history about each of them, how to use them, and their purpose.