Environmental sustainability and stewardship are important aspects to this small one person shop. I do my best to care and respect our planet as part of my Buddhist practice. Therefore, the Global Stewardship policy and mission of Mala Counters is reflected in my shipping program and process.

My goal is to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle as much packaging material as possible. This is mainly accomplished by re-purposing all materials shipped to me. However, my family and friends are also part of this endeavor an bringing their used and not used shipping materials to Mala Counters. Additionally, I am constantly collecting discarded, unwanted, and unused materials as part of my commitment to Global Stewardship and Sustainability. Know when you receive your shipments from Mala Counters great care was given in helping our planet.

I ship everywhere within the United States and Worldwide. The shipping and handling cost covers postage, packaging time, and materials.