Mala Build

Over the years as more and more Buddhist students asked if I offered malas, I began to make them more available. I wanted to offer a good selection of Buddhist mala materials and sizes without trying to create an inventory where I was spending most of my time and effort into builing malas. In the end, I decided on fewer types of malas so I could focus on a high quality build.

What started to happen was customers would ask me for malas made from a material I did not offer. Whether was that Amethyst, Onyx, Coral, or a specific type of Jasper. There are so many differnt types of wood, stone, and other materials to be able to ofer what all my customers wanted.

What I decided to do was offer custom mala builds. If a customer sincerely wanted a mala build by me from a material I do not normally use in my mala inventory, we could work together to make this possible.

It all starts with the request to have a mala built out of a certain material and of a certain size. I will discuss with the customer their wants and deires, discuss guru bead options, and ask about how they want the mala tied off. From that point, I will then research the material requested for the build and see if it is something I can acquire. If all the components of the mala are available, we can move forward with the build.

The cost of a custom mala build is based cost of the raw materials, the time given to my researching the materials, and the actual custom build itself. Once it is determined I can acquire the materials and we agree on the final cost, we can move forward. At that point I take payment up front for the work. I can send you an invoice or we can do PayPal. 

If you are interested in a mala build, email me at [email protected] and put "Custom Mala Build" in the subject title.